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The Solution

Our 3-Step Patented System Contains, Controls, and Bio-Remediates


Bioremediation Systems

Crosswater Systems, LLC offers a U.S Patented Environmental Preservation System (EPS). This 3-step process uses bioremediation techniques to clean and neutralize urine and feces contaminants from horse stalls. Tiny microbes work to digest toxins, changing them into water and harmless gases.

For the past seven years, our team has engaged in ground-breaking research resulting in this patented system. Our system is the first and only full-service system capable of dealing with and eliminating environmental issues.

Crosswater Droplet


1. Storage Aggregate

We incorporate a high-porosity, patented expanded ceramic shale to store and absorb horse waste. Rotary kiln to pyro-process and expand clay, shale or slate. Our EPA-proven bio-remediation microbes are tamped in place and get to work, cleaning and neutralizing contaminants.

2. Cushioned Mat

A 1/2 inch rubber mat is laid overtop of the storage aggregate. This reduces compression pressure on horse joints by 50%.

3. Porous Top Coat

Finally, the stall floor is finished off with a porous top coating. This captures and provides entry to storage aggregate at a high rate.

Porous Top Coat
Cushioned Mat
Storage Aggregate
Native Soil


As a horse owner, implementing our system will reduce bedding costs by 50%, waste disposal by 50%, and labor cleanup costs by 75%. Most importantly, your horses will be resting in the cleanest environment possible.

For the past 6 years, Crosswater has worked tirelessly to test and bring our system to market. Our shared years of experience in chemistry, business, product development and marketing have helped solve a previously unsolved environmental problem. We are at the tipping point of becoming a necessity across the public and private sector.

Long-Term Analysis

Superior in functionality to any other pervious system

Meets EPA ground water protocols

United States, Canadian and European Patented System

Global Impact

EPA Approved

A New Beginning

Because it just makes sense

At CrosswaterSystems, LLC, we have set the gold standard for a new beginning in green-technology. Our patented process is generated through sustainable and recycled materials. What other system provides cost-savings benefits to your construction project while helping the environment? Just one. Crosswater.

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We have been recognized by several significant engineering, environmental and chemical firms as having a comprehensive system that works.


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